Introduction: Unclog Senseo Pod Holders

How to unclog Senseo pod holders?

If you have a Senseo coffee machine, there is a risk that the pod holders get clogged.

This happened to me a few months ago, and I tried unclogging it unsuccessfully with the following methods found on the internet:

  • Clean it in the dishwasher;
  • Use a needle to remove the clog;
  • Clean it with a brush;
  • And I also tried to remove the plastic ring to release the filter and clean it, but it was locked.

Then I finally found the best and quickest method: using a syringe, and pump water through the filter to evacuate the clog!

Below you can see a gif with food coloring injected through the filter after being unclogged.


  • A cup of water;
  • A syringe (without needle).

Step 1: Problems Related to Clogged Pod Holder

With time, coffee got stuck inside the tiny filter of the pod holder, and it became almost impossible to remove.

Clogged pod holders can cause the following problems:

Step 2: Leave It in Water

I'd suggest to first leave to pod holder in water for a few minutes so that the clog is moistened.

Step 3: Pump With the Syringe

Place the syringe on top of the filter of the pod holder, and pump a few times back and forth. Doing this leads to the following:

  • An increase of pressure on the clog, to desagregate the coffee stuck inside the filter;
  • An increase of water flow through the filter, to evacuate the clog.

The faster you pump, the greater the flow and pressure inside the filter.

Step 4: Or With a Larger Container

You can also use a larger container filled with water:

  • Hold both the pod holder and the syringe with one hand
  • Then, pump with the other hand.

Step 5: Drink Your Coffee!

I hope this has been useful, and that you can once again enjoy your coffee as I do!

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