Introduction: Under $20 Rocket Stove/Heater

What if you were faced with no electricity for an extended period of time, or maybe your an outdoorsy kind of person, or you just like DIY projects, no matter which you are this is the Instructable for you. This is a device that anyone can make and have on hand to use to cook on efficiently or stay warm with only using twigs, no need for large pieces of firewood. Its very lightweight,less than 5 pounds, and can be built with things that can be easily attained. But rather than bore you with the description lets get to the building.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

These are the tools you will need to build this Rocket Stove.

* Metal Snips
* Drill and 5/16 drill bit
* Hammer

The Materials.

* 1 gallon paint can ($4.89)
* 3" 90 degree vent pipe ($3.49)
* 3" vent pipe 4' long ($3.19)
* Clay kitty litter ($1.50)

Step 2: Cut the Hole in the Side of the Can.

Trace and cut a hole in the side of your can to match the diameter of the elbow. (HINT trace the outline of the elbow on a piece of paper, and cut it out to use as a template, it will conform to the shape of the can and be easier to trace on the can). Use a drill to drill a small pilot hole to start your cut with the snips. Once it is cut out test fit the elbow to make sure it fits, by sliding it into the can and sticking out if the hole.

Step 3: The Top

Trace the pipe onto the lid and cut out the same way that you cut out the can. Take the 2' peice and cut a 2" section from the bottom, push that through the hole that you cut on the lid. **An extra step that you can do is insulate it by pouring cheap clay kitty litter in the can around the elbow.** Place the lid on and now you have a rocket stove.

Step 4: The End

This is what it should look like. I made a tray to slide in to hold the sticks a little better, but that is totally optional. Now just add some sticks through the side and light them up, as the fire goes down just add more sticks. You can sit a pan above it and cook, or use it to create heat, it heats vey fast and can boil water in about 2 minutes. And feel free to use whatever materials that you have on hand, this design will work with anything you may have that is similar to the materials.
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