Introduction: Dehydrator Made From a Kitchen Cupboard.

I know you can go out and buy an electric dehydrator, but this one can be built with things you may already have, and also its always cool to build it yourself. Above you will find the 3 part video I made for my Youtube channel on this build. Below will be a parts list and instructions. Enjoy.

Step 1: Parts and Tools Lists.

Depending on what you are using to build this, the parts and tools may vary. Here are the lists of what I used.


An over the fridge kitchen cabinet (free)

2 - 2x4x8 cheap lumber ($4.09)

3 - 1x4x8 cheap lumber ($1.75)

1 - 110v light base ($0.69)

1 - light switch, switch box, and switch cover ($3.17)

1 - Bathroom vent fan ($14.99)

Metal screen (free)

Assorted wiring (free)

Assorted screws and hinges (free)



1 1/4" paddle bit



Staple gun

Wire cutters

Step 2: The Build

Remove the doors from the old cabinet, (save them for a later project). I cut 4 small sections of 2x4 and screwed to the bottom of the cabinet to use as legs so that air can come up through the bottom. I then figured out how many shelves I would be able to fit inside without overcrowding, in my case it was 4. I then measured the depth of the cabinet and cut sections of the 1x4's to fit as shelf brackets. I then used the 1x4's to make a basic rectangle that would slide in and out of the cabinet, I then put some screen over those, and fastened with staples. Now you have your shelves built. Next I took the 1 1/4" paddle bit and drilled some air holes in the bottom of the cabinet, I also cut a piece of wood the size of the shelves I made and drilled holes in that as well, this will go below the shelves, right above the light bulb. I then mounted the light base to the bottom (I have a CFL bulb in it in the picture, you will need to use a standard light bulb.)

Step 3: The Build Cont.

I took an old cabinet door that was big enough to fit, and cut it to fit for my door, added hinges. I the measured my vent fan and cut a hole in the top of the cabinet for it to fit and installed it. on the side I mounted the switch and wired everything up so that the switch will turn on the fan and light at the same time (see the video for the wiring explaination) .

Step 4: The Finished Product.

How it works is simple. When you turn it on the light bulb creates a small amount of heat in the bottom chamber and the fan sucks the warm air up from the bottom, accros the screen shelves, and exits the top. This will cause whatever you have drying such as, onions, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, jerky, ETC, to dehydrate.

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