Introduction: Under Floor Inspection Robot

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I wanted a method of inspecting the crawl space under a house. Very narrow and dark! So I started with a toy treaded tank with remote control and video camera! It has a nice treaded design to crawl over uneven surfaces. But I found it had only 1/2 inch ground clearance and it soon hung up on a stone.

What to do? *3D print bigger wheels!*

Step 1: Some Good Wheel Designs to Start With...

but I had to modify the wheel design for the axle with a screw attachment, to offset the body of the wheel from the vehicle, I needed a treaded design, and it had to be strong!

Step 2: What to Do for the Tread?

Treads of an exact size are hard to find. Brainstorm - use two sided velcro tape, looped around both wheels, and "taped" to itself. Then add small chunks of the tape as gear teeth on the inside, and tread pads on the outside!

And put gear teeth into the wheel design.

Step 3: Finished Wheels - Treaded - With 1.25 Inch Ground Clearance!

And a super cool spoke design!

Step 4: A Short Flash Video Showing the Finished Result!

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