Introduction: Underwear Under the Stairs

When several people live in a 1,000 square feet cramped Townhouse,
every inch of storage space counts. So, I decided to capture space under a
basement stairway by turning several stairs into storage drawers.

Repurposed drawers from an old changing table helped me
create new homes for winter boots and old picture frames, off season clothing
and in some cases, under garments if needed. Things that needed a home but didn’t
have one were well on their way to being out of sight, out of mind. But the best part is: It didn’t cost me anything
hardly but a little elbow grease and some craftiness.

I’m always looking for new ways to creative storage. And I am huge on repurposing things. Nothing is ever a waste in my opinion. Just needs to be redefined.

I called my dad and was able to get some repurposed treads
from a previous stairway renovation he did (he is a carpenter) and popped them
into the basement stairway. On the bottom 5 steps, I attached supports to hold
the treads and guides for the drawers, which would be hidden in the empty space
behind the stairway. The fronts of the drawers became the step risers. The
drawers were repurposed from an old changing table that I had picked up from a
thrift store years ago wanting to refurbish and just had never gotten around to
it. I shaved off the tops of the drawers
to fit under the steps, then painted the faces to match the other risers. I
wanted to avoid handles, as I can be clumsy from time to time and it just
seemed to be a tripping hazard. Instead, I notched in divots to be “handles” on
the top of drawers and by sticking a finger into the small space between the
drawer-fronts and the stair step, I can “pry” open the drawer. It’s easier than it sounds, lol.

Finally, I covered the stairway – and just the 5 — with
leftover carpet. Just by looking, you’d never know the extra storage space was
there. And it only took about 8 hours to do all of this. Once I had it mapped out in my head anyways.

My helpful hints to the audience:

When you have more stuff than space, you have to think
outside the storage box.

Always look for different and unique ways to store your
things. Don’t leave any blank spaces in your home. You can use them all for
extra storage.

If you make similar storage drawers in your basement
stairway and they tend to stick, run a dehumidifier. Removing moisture from the
air will prevent the drawers from expanding and getting stuck.

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