Introduction: Unicorn Piñata Mexican Paper Art

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In this post you will learn how to make a beautiful unicorn pinata, but you can do it in many ways, there are no limits knowing the proper technique so work. You just need
Tissue paper

Step 1: Make a Base

To prepare the base of the pinata you need cardboard, ruler and scissors, draw the silhouette and trim twice front and back, now trim the width, from around the silhouette as shown in the image, Then glue all the pieces with tape until well closed as a box

Step 2: Decorations

To make the special decoration of a pinata, you need sisors and tissue paper, take a tissue paper and fold 4 times along you will have strips as the image trims and aligns to cut the beards cut lines every centimeter without reaching the shore and reserve

Step 3: Rainbow Hair

We need 4 colored papers, line the papers and fold half and half again, cut into strips of 1 cm stretch the strips and bend to the scope and attach the middle part with tape as the image, join all but reserve 2 strips for the hair

Step 4: Decorate Your Piñata

For the base takes the white strips, and with glue begins to stick from the bottom to the top, with 1 cm of separation per strip, as in the legs, the stomach the body at the neck begins from the top and lateral, and ends in front and back, let them dry

Step 5: Flower Decorations

For the flowers cut 4 colored papers into 5 cm squares, round and join with staple or thread the circles, start to rise layer by layer until you have the rose as shown in the image

Step 6: Face and Horn

Now take a piece of black paper sheet and pink draw the details trim and paste, for the horn use glossy golden Foamy Shape horn stick, let dry and get ready to stick everything

Step 7: Final Touches

To finish glue the tail, the hair, the horn and the flowers and ready we finish this beauty I hope you enjoy
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