Introduction: Unicycle - 18 Gears Uni

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Sorry about the picture - it is just to give an idea of what the finished build would be like - only when I converted the photo it got a bit corrupted. 

Forget those expensive, in hub unis - how about this 18 gear (not just 2-4) ride.

No welding - little time (well only for practice) - and little cost, found this beauty on Ebay for £10.

I like the idea of a cruiser ride that can easily keep up with my missus bike  - here it is.

Two things - This is just a concept - the build is so easy I am putting this down before the build as it is 01.52am here - guess what          
                        I am building over the weekend maybe.
                      - Don't think it will work??? - check out Youtube.
                                                                  Dominican kid rides bike with one wheel - or
                                                                   unibike king - also
                                                                  Crazy bicycle  ride with one wheel.

This is a pretty rough build but could be a real sweet ride with some tweaks to make the bike more - well unified :-).

Can you imagine the look on a cyclists face as you not only keep up but slide past real easy.

Step 1: Only Two Cuts

Cut out the top spar - move the saddle position - tidy up the cut - - badda bing, all done.

Ride it, love it, then maybe tweak to smooth things out.

Step 2: Real Smooth - Weelll Maybe

I know what your thinking - horrid picture - just a bodge job of what a smoothed out build might look like - - - sorry, must try harder.

Want to get on and build this soo bad I am just about bustin something.

Go for it - if ya build it let me know - want to see some of these doing some mad speeds.

See ya.