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Introduction: Unicycle - 18 Gears Uni

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Sorry about the picture - it is just to give an idea of what the finished build would be like - only when I converted the photo it got a bit corrupted. 

Forget those expensive, in hub unis - how about this 18 gear (not just 2-4) ride.

No welding - little time (well only for practice) - and little cost, found this beauty on Ebay for £10.

I like the idea of a cruiser ride that can easily keep up with my missus bike  - here it is.

Two things - This is just a concept - the build is so easy I am putting this down before the build as it is 01.52am here - guess what          
                        I am building over the weekend maybe.
                      - Don't think it will work??? - check out Youtube.
                                                                  Dominican kid rides bike with one wheel - or
                                                                   unibike king - also
                                                                  Crazy bicycle  ride with one wheel.

This is a pretty rough build but could be a real sweet ride with some tweaks to make the bike more - well unified :-).

Can you imagine the look on a cyclists face as you not only keep up but slide past real easy.

Step 1: Only Two Cuts

Cut out the top spar - move the saddle position - tidy up the cut - - badda bing, all done.

Ride it, love it, then maybe tweak to smooth things out.

Step 2: Real Smooth - Weelll Maybe

I know what your thinking - horrid picture - just a bodge job of what a smoothed out build might look like - - - sorry, must try harder.

Want to get on and build this soo bad I am just about bustin something.

Go for it - if ya build it let me know - want to see some of these doing some mad speeds.

See ya.


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Unicycle hubs are normally fixed gear which allows them to maintain balance. The hubs you plan to use are freewheel and cannot be converted to be fixed hubs.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Aaaahhh your a bad un too - ya did'nt watch the Youtube videos either, I don't want to convert them, no need - gears and brakes work fine - plus of course anyone doing a wheelie on a normal bike does not have fixed hubs and they balance fine, yes?.
    Check out those vids.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Aaaahhh your a bad un - you did'nt check out Youtube.

    As I said - this is only a rough build - once this is built and ridden, then it can have the mods made to allow for any unexpected considerations - I am thinking maybe a rounded tube or skid to protect the pedals, just for parking or if ya dump her.

    Cheers for the feedback.