Introduction: Unicycle Brake Arm Cover

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Hiya - yup me again.

When I first decided I was going to learn to unicycle I knew that road riding and maybe a bit of rough ground was the biggest appeal, not really into stunts etc but big respect to all you guys who pull off some amazing skills.

Hills soon reared their heads as being a challenge - practice has taught me that my knees do not like shock, so using my legs to slow down on a gradient did not appeal (plus there is that whole thing about going really, really fast then with a big time face plant as a finale) - so I fitted brakes - who could have known the peril - - step off a uni a couple of times and catch the brake lever where the cable goes into the metal and you'll have bruising all down ya thigh.

simple solution - take one plastic milk bottle - shape it - split the neck and cable tie it to your seat post, as you dismount now your thigh slides past with no damage to your tender parts.

Step 1: Blue Bottle

Given time I will scope out a cover of a better color (blue) - not the coolest looking cover I know - functional.

A good thing I did notice about the cover was it stopped moisture from falling onto the brake if the weather turned bad - no one likes sticking brakes.

The good thing about uni brakes is they do not need to stop your ride dead (unless your doing stunts), apparently they are more used to slow ya down (well that's what I read) - this means caliper brakes can be fitted at a lower cost than discs, if ya want to keep costs down - calipers work well, side pull are ok but watch out, center pull probably work better and discs are tops.

Be safe.