Introduction: Unicycle/cycle Pedal Grips

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A really simple hack/mod for those cheaper pedals sometimes supplied with your uni or bike.

No complicated tools needed - I did all by hand, no power tools used - just an old chuck to grip the drill bit and a good quality screw driver.

Step 1: One

Here is a really nice view - the mod is simple but works well.
Pop out the reflective strips that sat in the pedal body.
Find some wood or self tapping screws that will protrude about 1/8 (3mm) from the pedal after passing all the way through - but! only after you have filed off the very sharp pointed tips - file them down first - don't worry they will still happily screw into the plastic.
Drill a hole from one side to the other using a drill bit that is the size of the shaft of the screw (not the size of the thread or it will fall right through).

Step 2: Two

Here is a view with the screws in place - notice that one side has the heads showing and the other has the tips of the screws - this means if your mounting a uni ya don't have to be fussy about which way up it is.
Also you'll see that there are only two screws at the front of the pedal (under the ball of your foot) - I was going to put three per row but the two worked so well I have decided to leave things as they are.
If you were to trim them down I think the reflectors would fit back between the screws but as this is just my practice uni and not my main ride I did not bother to put them back.