Introduction: Universal Ipod Dock

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I have created a knex univrsal ipod Dock. it works with all sorts of Ipods, including the Itouch, and the Iphone.

this is very sturdy, and does not tip over to any side. it is very simple to build, and is very simple to use. it features a place to put your ipod, and charge it at the same time, and i also invented a new system to hold the sync cable in place, a more sturdier way that is not likely to fall apart.

i reccomend this to anyone who has knex and an ipod. i think that it is very useful and is very small, so you won't have to buy one of those expensive ones from the stores or online, when you can make one just as cool that works just as well for free! all you got to do is buy the pieces.

Lets get started!

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also! if someone has the pieces, can they please make this color coded to look mettalic? meaning the yellow connectors would be the grey ones, the red connectors would be the black ones, the green connectors would be the mettalic ones, and so on. i dont have all thos, such as the red mettalic pieces, so if someone can build it like that, please post a picture here!

Thank you Jared1234 for making my dock in mettalics!
Thank you knex_master for making my dock in mettalics!

Step 1: Part Count

I will save others the trouble of finding the pieces by listing them here for you.


Light grey connectors: 6 pieces
Dark grey connectors: 9 pieces
Yellow/Grey connectors: 4 pieces
Purple 3D connectors: 2 pieces
Red/Black Connectors: 6 pieces
Green connectors: 2 pieces


Blue rods: 6 pieces
White/Grey Rods: 5 pieces
Green/Black Rods: 12 pieces


An ipod connection cord
An Ipod (itouch, iphone, nano, video)

Step 2: Back Part of the Dock

Lets get started!

in this step, i will show you how to build the back part of the dock
this part supports the itouch from the back.

step 1: take two green rods, and put one of them on a red connector, and put it on one of the ends. attach a green conector to it, and put another green rod in the right angle place. make two of these

Step 2: take 4 red connectors and put a green rod in the center area, for all 4

Step 3: take a blue rod, and attach it to the end of the green connectors from step 1

Step 4: take one of the red connectors from step 2, and attach one of the ends to the blue rod like shown

Step 5: attach all 4 of the red connectors in the same way as step 4

Step 6: take two white rods, and put them in the only remaining area on the green connector

Step 7: Take two blue rods and two yellow connectors and attach the blue rods on the opposite ends of the connectors

Step 8: attach the piece from step 7 to the white connectors on the green connectors

Step 9: attach the two purple connectors onto the blue rod on the exposed end like shown, so the 3D part is sticking up

Step 3: The Front Part of the Dock

The front part of the dock features the grey connecors, mainly for support and for looks, so it can smooth out the otherwise rough inside parts

Step 1: Take a blue rod, and on it, put all 6 of the light grey connectors, like shown

step 2: from the previous steps, put 4 green rods like shown, 2 on each side, 1 on each of the connectors

Step 3: put the pieces from step 1 onto the green conneectors like shown.

Step 4: The Rest of the Dock

This step will show you how to build the part that allows the connection cable to dock into the dock. :P

Step 1: Make this piece, it is a blue rod with four dark grey connectors on it. you will use this piece later on in this step

Step 2: just look at the blue rod at the bottom

Step 3: remove the blue rod

Step 4: Place the connection chord through the opening in the bottom

Step 5: Slide the chord through the cavity inside the purple connectors

Step 6: Put the blue rod back into place, and make sure the wire sticks from underneath it

Step 7: Make this piece, and make sure the wire goes between the two yello connectors!

Step 8: attach the piece from step 7 onto the blue rod that you reattached earlier

Step 9: put the piece that you maade from the first picture and place it here. the ends of the blue rods should stick through the holes in the red connectors

Step 5: Decoration and Support

This step is not only for decorations, but also for support
we will go back to the front of the dock, and we will work there.

Step 1: attach a blue rod onto the exposed ends of the purple connectors

Step 2: attach 4 grey connectors as shown

Step 3: a grey rod, the size of the white rods

Step 4: push it through the grey connectors in the front.

Step 5: friction will hold the piece in place. this is the front support of the dock. the grey connector in the back is the back support

Step 6: You're Done!

congradulations! you have just finished my knex dock!
you can use this dock for any type of ipod, except the shuffle, because it uses a different conection chord

Have fun!