Introduction: Universal Power Supply for Everything

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Hello Friends as a electronics hobbyst we all need a power supply on work bench, we also need -ve rail power supply to power various electronics Eg- OpAmp etc. today in this part i am going to shere a very common type power supply made up of common electronics components,.For more Detailed info please visit my channel or watch video above.

Step 1: Step Down Transfarmer

In this Project 12-0-12 volt center tapped transfarmer is used to step down mains voltage, as it is more robust and easy to handle rather then SMPS, because of its simplicity i utilize it in my project.

Step 2: KA7912 ( -12 Volt Regulator)

KA7912 is used to regulate -ve Rail of power supply As this is very simple to use in this project.

Pin1= GND(common)

Pin2= -ve Input

Pin3= Output

Step 3: LM7812 (+ve Voltage Regulator)

LM7812 used in this project to regulate +ve supply Rail to +12v.

Pin1= Input

Pin2= GND(Common)

Pin3= Output

Step 4: Bridge Rectifier

Bridge rectifier is used in this project to convert AC signal to DC , Bridge rectifier can be made using 4 Diodes. IN4007 (1000volt 1Amp).

Step 5: Capacitor

Capacitor used in this project used to convert pulsating DC to Smooth DC. To ensure good stability.

Step 6: Schematic Diagram

Assamble all the components as shown in circuit diagram.

Step 7: All Done

All Components are assembled in PCB. If you want to see it working you can also check my video

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