Introduction: Unlimited Energy Glitch @ Shadow Fight 2

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Remember sometimes it doesn't work and you have to watch the ad. But anyway, you will still get energy. Fast.

Step 1: Open Up to Shadow Fight 2

It shows I have one energy, but after this picture I used it.

Step 2: Click on the Battle You Want, and Press 'Get Free'.

I recommend you to do this step after you read the whole instructable.

Step 3: When You Press the Get Free Button, in Less Than a Second Go to the Top Right of the Screen, and Press.

You might want to press more than once. And keep in note not to touch the green plus.

Step 4: You Did It!

Now if you use this technique over and over, you could play shadow fight 2 all day! But only if there are any offers left! Enjoy! You saved $20 on unlimited energy!