Introduction: Unstick Frozen Bread Slices

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I eat Gluten Free bread. Every brand I've seen comes frozen (unless you make your own). The GF bread doesn't keep well (and it is very expensive) so I don't want to waste money by letting it go bad. Thus, I store it in the freezer.

Later, when I take it out of the freezer to make a sandwich or toast, I find the slices are slightly stuck together. The first time I open the loaf bag, it isn't too difficult to pull out a slice or two.

The second time I take it out of the freezer, is different. It is a little (sometimes a lot) more difficult to unwedge a slice or two off the frozen loaf. I am then faced with the choice of trying to pry a couple slices off and maybe breaking them into pieces OR letting the whole thing sit out a few minutes to thaw (or maybe just pop it in the microwave a few seconds).  Of course, the loaf then goes back in the freezer and the whole freeze, thaw, stick process gets worse each time I repeat it.

And I will have to repeat it each time I want some bread.

I got sick of this stupid struggle for a slice of bread, so I came up with a simple, easy solution.

Step 1: Tools

For this INSTRUCTABLE you will need:

Scissors (any)
Wax Paper, in a roll (find it in the grocery store in the aisle with foil, plastic wrap, etc)
Twist tie

And a new, unopened loaf of frozen bread, of course.

REMEMBER you must do this procedure the first time you open the bread! It's best to do it as soon as you get it home from the store and before you toss it in the freezer.  Otherwise, this will be more difficult to do, but not impossible.

Step 2: Cut Wax Paper Into Strips

Pull off a sheet of wax paper approximately 12"-15" inches long.

Roughly measure the width  (just eyeball it!) of bread slice.

Cut the sheet of wax paper into long strips, about 1 inch wider than bread slice. You will probably get about 2-3 strips.

Step 3: Stack and Weave

Lay a strip of wax paper down on clean surface.

Place a slice of bread on one end of strip.

Fold the long end of wax paper over top of bread slice.

Place second slice of bread on top of wax paper covered (first) slice.

Flip wax paper strip over second slice.

Continue stacking bread and "weaving" wax paper between the slices. (At end of strip, grab another strip and continue on layering)

In other words, it goes wax paper, bread, fold paper, bread, fold paper, bread, fold, etc....stacking until you run out of bread.

Step 4: Straighten and Bag

When you have stacked all the slices, you will have a "tower" of bread with wax paper between each slice.

Straighten the bread so it's not leaning.

Next, gently slide the empty bread sack over the top of the tower. Slide the bag down carefully.

Once all the sliices are in the bag, you will have to try to hold the loaf together (it's not hard to do) and flip the bag over so you can twist tie it shut.

Try to squeeze out any excess air as you do.

Put the loaf in the freezer.

And you're done! 

Step 5: Toast and Enjoy

Now when you need a slice or two of bread, they will still be frozen but they will not stick together. The slices will just fall out of the bag.

Toast up and enjoy!