Introduction: Up Cycle Jean Shorts

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So you have massive holes in the knees of your jeans, making them useless or you just don't like that sort of fashion. Rather than throwing them away, why not make them into something better? Such as decorated jean shorts!
Allow me to share this great knowledge with you on how to do so.


Acrylic crafters paint (various colors of your choice)
Paint brushes
Paper towels
Containers for water/paint
Old jeans

Step 1: Design

Choose what you want on the jeans, either by sketching it out or searching up images on the web. I would advise sketching out the design you choose off of the web to make sure you can draw it. Unless you're going to transfer it on to the jeans.
Don't choose something too complex since jeans are difficult to paint on.

Step 2: Preparing the Jeans

Lay the jeans out and cut above the damage. If you did this a while ago then there may be fraying, go ahead and trim that off.

Step 3: Sewing

Fold the cuffs up about an inch and sew it in place.

Step 4: Adding Design

Transfer or draw your designs onto the shorts. Be aware that if you use marker like I did it will lift into the paint. Except for the white paint that I used it didn't make a difference.

Step 5: Painting

Choose one area to paint, to avoid smudges do not paint another area until this one is done.
A word of advice before you start, have two separate water containers.
Paint on the biggest section of the design,

Step 6: Continuing to Paint

Now that your main color has dried add the other ones. Little details here and there. You may need to take frequent breaks to allow something to dry. After all your colors are dry, you may notice that your art is a little fuzzy looking, carefully add some outlines. You'll notice that I haven't outlined the delicate tentacles or the dots. That's because it would make it look pretty chunky or messy.
Repeat steps five and six for as many designs that are on the jeans.

Step 7: Finished ✔

Well done! You've made a work of art. Take a moment to admire it, try it on.
Maybe there's something missing still? Go ahead and experiment!
Hopefully this tutorial was helpful for you. Hope you had fun!
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