Introduction: Over the Top Hat

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This is a silly hat that gives off a mad hatter type look. The only occasion I would strongly advise against wearing this to is a funeral. Or a job interview, but maybe a job interview.


Serrated knife (for cutting cardboard)
Lots of ribbon
Hot glue sticks
Hot glue gun
Various things to glue onto the hat

Step 1: Cut Out Cardboard Doughnuts

use a protractor to draw a couple guidelines, the edge of the circle should be about four inches away from the edge of the hole for your head.
cut out two doughnut shaped pieces of card board, The bottom doughnut will have triangles while the top one is just a regular doughnut.
The top should have a wider hole than the bottom, since the stabilizing triangles will be coming up through that, try them on together to make sure that they fit right, it should also be a bit loose.
You'll also have to adjust it to the shape of your head.

Step 2: Cut Out the Top Circle

Cut out a circle for the top of the hat, this should be wider that the doughnut hole, it could even be larger than the doughnuts themselves if you wanted to be really crazy.
When I did it I went for something inbetween the hole and the edge.

Step 3: Cut Out the Chimney

The piece I had to cut out was around two and a half feet (ish). Make it a bit longer than you think it needs to be, and adjust accordingly.
Measure it out to be as tall as you would like, the larger you made the top, the longer it needs to be, since it will be pushed out. Make sure to add a couple extra inches at the bottom for some triangles, and a couple inches at the top to secure the top of the hat.
Cut out some flaps, they should be about an inch and a half wide, and go down a few inches, depending on the size of the top.
If you are unsure of how deep you need to cut, start out shallow and adjust.
At this point you can begin Putting pieces together to see how they fit.

Step 4: Putting the Pieces Together

Take the top doughnut (the one without triangles) and bring the chimney the it, you're going to have to roll up the chimney to do so. Glue the chimney triangles to the bottom of the doughnut.

Step 5: Putting the Pieces Together Part 2

Glue the bottom doughnut to the bottom of the hat, food the triangles into the chimney and glue them there.

Step 6: Putting the Pieces Together Part 3

Take the top of the hat, and move it down the chimney an inch or two, then one at a time, fold and glue the ends of the tabs over the top. You're going to want to make the points of a triangle when glueing them in place, that way the rest of the tabs are easier.

Step 7: Fabric Cover

For the top fabric trace a circle around the top of the hat, make it a little wider than needed.
The width of the chimney piece won't vary but be sure to give it some extra to compensate for the curves in the hat, measure the length that you need and cut accordingly.
Now your the pieces on.
For the bottom(doughnuts) I just glued a bunch of different rectangles onto there to give it a patchy look.
Glue the top piece along by the edges.
The chimney will be glued starting at the top, to where the cardboard bends, to the bottom. And then the doughnuts are just set up all patchy so it doesn't matter.

Step 8: A Little Bit of Sewing

See the top of the chimney fabric to the edges of the top fabric. I used a whip stitch here. This is more for decoration than anything.
I also glued on a patch of fabric and then stitched around the edges, to give the hat a bit more character. You can also do it to cover up hot glue spills.

Step 9: The Sash

Take a piece of ribbon and glue somewhere near the middle together. Glue it to the bottom of the hat where the cardboard and chimney meet.
Wrap and glue a bit of ribbon to the base of the chimney choose carefully where the ribbon will meet, as you will be putting a bow there.

Step 10: The Giant Bow

it is advisable that you use ribbon with wire in the edges. Cut out there pieces of ribbon two the same size, one smaller. Glue them into loops. Stack the loops on top of each other, put a dab of glue on each to hold it in place. The them together with another ribbon in the middle and glue the knot. Then glue it to the hat and position it to your liking.
You can do something similar to create smaller bows that can cover up mistakes or just to be there for the fun of it.

Step 11: Adding the Little Things

Go ahead and add a bunch of fun little things onto your hat, like (clean) feathers, sequin patches, and pinwheels, all the best looking junk that would work!
And then you're done!

Step 12: Optional Pinwheel

To make a pin wheel of the non spinning variety, you need and even square piece of paper, from each corner cut straight to the middle, but don't cut the middle.
Then fold one side of each triangle into the middle. It has to be the same side for each.
Then put something like a bead or a button on the middle.

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