Introduction: Up Out of the Way Wire Dispenser

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This is an addition to my other instructable HIDE N SLIDE
i needed the wire to be at the bench but had no room for it so this is what i came up with


tools i used for this project is as follows:

cicular saw
jig saw
1/4 inch drill bit
measureing tape

materials needed :

one pack of drawer slides (you get 4 in the package )length will vary depending on your space
package of 1 1/2 in L brackets
2 shower door rollers
4 #6 x 1 1/2 flathead screws
2 flat washers to fit #6 screw
wooden dowel rod to fit your spools of wire
Allot of patients :>)

Optional materials
sheet metal

Step 1: Step 1

first i measured my area and made note of it
then i took the two rollers i was going to use and removed the roller by drilling the rivit out
{ be careful of this part as the ball bearings will fall out  }

Step 2: Step 2

i measured 1 1/2 inches from the back on both sieds and marked them
i installed the roller brackets on each side { the roller brackets will start from the back on the marks you made }
make sure that the roller brackets are as flush as possible to the bottom

Step 3: Step 3

i then measured the are between my now installed roller brackets and subtracted 1/4 inch from it
the length of the board will vary depending on your space and your plans
i cut the board to my measurements
i then measured out the area that i would need to accommodate the spools of wire that i have
i cut out the hole with a circular saw and finished off the corner cuts with a jig saw

i then installed the two back rollers three inches from the back

Step 4: Step 4

i cut 2 1 1/2 in side runners for the rods that will hold the spools of wire
i then measured out the area and drilled out four holes for the rods
: note only going half way thru the board
i then took a dremel and sloted one side so i could easily remove the spools and replace wire when needed

Step 5: Step 5

i drilled three holes in each side runner as to not split the wood when i installed them
i sued a countersink to make the screws flush with the board
i installed both sides makeing sure not to tighten them to tight so i wouldnt split the wood

Step 6: Step 6

i then two rods to fit  into the sides
about an 1/8 inch shorter than the distance
I then insalled the front two rollers and test fitted the board

Step 7: Step 7 ( Optional )

i then took a piece of sheet metal and made a box to hold wire connectors

Step 8: Final Step

i put the spools on the rods and inserted them into the board
than i put the board into place
now your done

thanks for looking
and i hope someone can use this