Introduction: Upcycle! De-Clutter! Old Picture Frame Into a Clothesline Style Collage Frame

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In my endless de-cluttering of tiny apartment, I decided to collect all the little frames sitting on all the little shelves and put them all into one flat wall hanging frame. Oh so flat!

I got the idea when wandering around the local craft store where I saw all these shabby chic frames with twine or chicken wire selling for $50. What? I can make that!

Step 1: Find Old Picture of Yourself With a Kitten

Yeah I used to work for a boudoir photographer in high school. She liked my crimped hair I made from braiding it into a million tiny braids.

Take the frame apart and discard the glass and backing by wrapping it in paper and tape for safety. I used the back of a spoon to bend up the framing points.

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

You will need

  • Old picture frame, gutted, leave bendy framing points in.
  • Twine, ribbon
  • tiny clothespins
  • tape
  • photos
  • scissors
  • pliers

Step 3: String Your String

Starting at the top, wedge the end of your string between the frame and the bent up framing point. You can bend them more to hold it.

Go back and forth across the frame skipping one sometimes for that haphazard look. I readjusted a few times to get the tension right.

They will sag a bit with the photos, so check that too.

I added lace ribbon across some for more texture.

*If your frame was held together by staples or nails you will have to remove them with pliers, or use the staples to string your string to if they will hold. Otherwise, you will have to find another way to attach the twine: Flat thumb tacks, stapler, nails, tape?

Step 4: Tape String in Place and Pull Out Extra Hardware

Once you are happy with the design tape over the string and framing points so they won't scratch your wall, and to hold it in place.

I used masking tape for this, because I used to do custom framing and it holds up over time.

Then pull out the extra framing points with pliers, on the top and bottom, and the ones you skipped.

Step 5: Pin Photos and Hang, Done!

Arrange your photos how you like 'em and find a nice place on the wall for your new collage frame. Now it's easy to change up the photos, notes, or keepsakes of any size, any time.

Then donate all those little frames that were everywhere, and bask in the open space =)

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