Introduction: Upcycled Jacket

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Upcycling is the art of making something old into something new (no need for something borrowed or something blue). Find something in the back of your closet or in an old drawer, perhaps even something that you've been thinking about throwing away. Then, apply Inkodye and step out into the sun to watch your item transform right before your eyes. It's that simple!

Inkodye is the perfect solution for projects like these because it is extremely permanent and will not fade or rub off when washed. So you can transform your entire wardrobe without worrying about bleeding colors and without subjecting your washing machine to scary chemicals.

Step 1: Choose Something!

Find something to upcycle. In my case that involved going through the good 'ole back of the closet. Decide color and placement. I decided that a mix of Red and Blue Inkodye on the sleeves and trim would do the trick!

Step 2: Prepare

Prepare to apply Inkodye. I used a standard sponge brush and watered my Inkodye down a bit to acheive desired viscosity. Inkodye can be watered down 1:1 with water without any change in depth of color in the resulting print.

Step 3: Mix

Mix it up. For even results you'll want to make sure your dye is well mixed before you start.

Step 4: Apply

Apply your Inkodye. I start with the big areas I want to dye first, be careful not to drip!

Step 5: Add Details

Apply Inkodye on the more detailed areas of the garment. I used the same brush, but you could switch to a smaller one for more control.

Step 6: Watch Out!

Watch for bleeding. Thinned Inkodye is more prone to bleeding because the fabric wicks it up with the water, using seams helps.

Step 7: Flip It

Carefully flip your garment over. Make sure you don't get drips and moisture from wet areas onto dry ones when you flip.

Step 8: Saturation

Try to evenly saturate your garment with Inkodye. Areas that are less wet than others may develop as a slightly lighter color or unevenly.

Step 9: Accessorize

While you've got your Inkodye and tools out, why not do a few items?

Step 10: Expose

Take your item(s) out into the sunshine. You'll get your color in 5-8 minutes in the sun, a bit longer with pesky clouds. Be sure to rotate the garment while in the sunlight to avoid uneven prints due to shadows or unexposed areas!

Step 11: Wash

Wash excess dye absorbed in the garment out using Inkowash for best results. Regular detergent can be used, but multiple washes are recommended.

Step 12: Wear

Wear with pride. You've just turned something outdated into something awesome!