Introduction: Upcycled Garden Furniture

Amazing what a coat of paint can do to tired old furniture

Step 1: Before..sad Old Chair Needing Some Tlc..

Lightly sanded down table and 4 chairs to ensure paint took to the wood. Medium grade sandpaper is fine for this.
Used a soft brush to ensure any dust was cleaned off the chair and ensured it was completely dry before painting began..

Step 2: Mix and Start Painting!

So I bought one 2.5 litre tin of Cuprinol shades paint in cream. This paint is durable and ideal for garden projects.
As I wanted the chairs in shades of pink and blue I also bought two tester pots in much darker shades and added a tablespoon to.450 mls of paint to get each colour as I wanted it.
I then mixed it well and stored the paint in plastic containers to ensure it didn't dry out and I could see it wax well mixed.
I gave each chair a coat of paint and let it dry for 2 hours then repeated the process for each of the 4 chairs.
Two chairs were shades of blue and two pink.I then added green to the cream paint to paint the table.
As the table had more wear I ensured it was well sanded and gave it an extra coat of paint and...

Step 3: Voila!!from Scrap Heap to Pride of Place!

Finished furniture! simple as mixing colours to save buying 3 tins of paint and prepping the furniture before hand

Step 4: