Introduction: Upcycling an Object (Bottle of Wine)

Here is how to make a Candle holder with a bottle of wine and give a mexican touch to this new candle holder.

Step 1: Cut the Bottle

How do I cut the bottle?

1. You can use any thick cotton string. At the location of where you would like the bottle to break, wrap a piece of cotton string around the bottle 3-5 times. Tie the ends together and cut off any excess string.

2. Soak the cotton string in alcohol. Slide the string off the end of the bottle, and place it in a small dish or lid. Pour a bit of alcohol over the string until it is completely soaked.

3. Wrap the bottle again. Take the yarn and replace it back on the bottle in the exact location you want it to break. Try to make sure that the loops of yarn are placed close together and are tight so that you get a level, clean break.

4. Light the string on fire. Use a lighter to catch the string (on the bottle) on fire. Rotate the bottle slowly so that the yarn burns at a consistent speed around the entire bottle.

5. Dunk the bottle in cold water. Wait until the fire on the string has turned off, and then stick the end of the bottle with the string directly into the water. The bottle should break cleanly off where the yarn was wrapped around it.

6. Sand the edges, Use a rough sandpaper to smooth down the jagged edges on the broken section of the bottle. When you have removed any sharp corners, switch to a fine grit sandpaper to give the bottle a smooth, soft finish.

Step 2: Add Stones and the Candle

On the bottom part of the bottle add stones as part of decoration and the candle. you can help the candle to stand with silicon.

Step 3: Prepare the Other Part of the Bottle

Once you have sand the edges put silicon on the edge of this part of the bottle so it would be soft and won´t cut anyone having interaction with the object.

Step 4: Prepare Something Fun With a Mexican Touch

Design a bounch of tags with a mexican design and riddles or refranes written on them.

Step 5: Get Your New Product

Place everything together on a base made of wood.

Now you have a new product, with which you will have fun as well as decorating the room.

You can decorate your room, light a candle to illuminate and aromatize the room and also have a bit of fun with riddles and Mexican sayings.