Updated and Revised Hiking How-to: What I Bring Along With Me.

Introduction: Updated and Revised Hiking How-to: What I Bring Along With Me.

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After many good suggestions and myself getting a few new items since my last instructable, I have updated on what I like to bring along with me on a light hike. Subtract or add whatever you like, also, suggestions are welcome as always! Happy Hiking all!

Step 1: Supplies

I have several supplies I take along with me, Your supplies may or may not differ depending upon what kind of hiking you are doing and what elements are going to be around you.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    All I can say is. Way to go. I saw your last one. I haven't been on here in a while. I am the same with the sense I can't wear insect repellent either. I always carry a pair of old glasses with me just in case. I would carry extra contacts but I don't in the case I lose those out of my eyes as well. It is really easy to do so when your moving through rough terrain. Even for what you do. It's a nice setup and better then your previous. I would still suggest wearing pants and at least a short sleeve shirt. That would help on some of the insect bites and if by chance you go off trail it will protect some from the bushes ripping your skin up. I mentioned on the previous one. You should get a fixed blade knife. What you got is fine for what you do, but chance you do decide to go on a longer one. For 15-20 bucks you can get a nice Mora knife and its not to big. Put it in your pack or strap it to your pack. Even wear it around your neck. Keep your multi-tool though. Well have a good one.