Introduction: Upgrade a Cardboard Box

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This project transforms an everyday cardboard mailer into a long term storage bin that looks cute and rustic in any studio. Ready to see how fast you can burn through sticks and sticks and sticks of glue? For this project, we are going to use a LOT of glue sticks, but this will really give you a feel for using a hot glue gun, and the importance of waiting for glue to cool. :D

This project is a breakout from my Glue Class, go check it out to learn all about the wonderful world of craft adhesive.

What is Hot Glue?

Hot melt adhesive is a thermoplastic adhesive that can be melted in an electric hot glue gun. The gun uses a continuous heating element to melt the plastic glue that is then extruded through a tip or nozzle when the user applies pressure to gun's trigger.

When the glue is squeezed out of the nozzle, it is VERY HOT, and will quickly burn skin if you are not careful. I like using silicone spatulas instead of my fingers to manipulate parts around - glue wont bond to the silicone and it is very thermally protective on your fingers.

If you are in the market for a new glue gun, I suggest looking for one that has dual temperature settings and interchangeable tips.

Materials Needed

I transformed a leftover box from an online purchase into a cute handy organizer bin.

I started by cutting off the flaps of the box.

With 1/4" Natural Coilette Rope, wind it around the form, glue each line of rope to the box as you go.

Repeat, until done.

When you get to the top, cut your end with a scissor or blade, then glue that frayed edge down with a big glob of glue.

Finish by gluing a few extra bands of rope over the top edge, to create a more defined and stylish lip on the box.

Super-duper easy, right? Get creative with shapes, containers, or the kinds of ropes or twine you use!

That's a wrap on this hot glue project, remember to protect your fingers and work surfaces when wielding molten adhesives. Hot glue is the best choice for adhering parts quickly because it cures to full strength as soon as it's cool.

For an even deeper dive into working with fabric glues, check out the Hot Glue lesson in my Glue Class.

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