Upgrading an Oil Air Separator!




Introduction: Upgrading an Oil Air Separator!

I just received my oil air separator from Amazon.com! For 36usd it's a good price however it is just an empty can with no internal baffling to force oil droplets to condense!

Read on for how I fixed it!

Step 1: Opening and Inspecting!

Using an Allen key I removed the 6 screws. The top has 2 ports so close together that intake will quickly be sucked into the outlet!

The gasket on the cover is very minimal. The bottom of the can has a drain hole. There is a level sight along the outside.

Step 2: Extending the Intake.

I wanted the blow by gases to reach the bottom of the can. I used a spare length of copper tubing to achieve this.

Step 3: Baffling.

Using a piece of sponge I slipped in over the copper tubing. This sponge will force the oil droplets to condense.

Step 4: Reassembly!

I left the sponge near the top so the bottom of the can will collect the oil. I marked which was in and out on the ports.

Step 5: Drain Valve.

The kit came with a drain bolt but I want an easier means to release the trapped oil. With a nipple, washer and spare ball valve I made the drain valve!

Step 6: Completion!

There it is. My upgraded oil air separator. Took me only half an hour. My next instructable will be it's installation! Stay tuned!

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    2 years ago

    Dude, the sponge will be attacked by the oil, use stainless steel pot scrubbers to make an indestructible filter. (I did and it works great).


    4 years ago

    Please let us know how the sponge material holds up. I did something similar with a metal scrubby thing...it started breaking down... ditched that and ended up with a series of staggered metal discs.


    Reply 4 years ago

    So far the sponge is holding up great. The separator is trapping the oil as intended.