Introduction: Usb From Scrap Cardboard and Wires

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From my last project about geo-metric sphere from scrap, I was still left with some of the cardboard scraps. when suddenly ideas check my mind and they decided to make USB type a port for all my viewers and friends and this all from the cardboard scrap and scrap wires from electronic projects.
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This is a very small instructable because you don't need to do a lot of things for making this USB type A drive but if you think this instructable is fake then you might try it because there isn't a lot of steps and believe me I will never give you wrong information.


Scrap cardboard
Scrap wires

Step 1: Collecting Requirements

After collecting the scrap cardboards and the scrap wire we are ready to start our project

Step 2: Measurements

On a piece of cardboard just draw a rectangle with the following dimensions-
Length= 1.5cm = 15mm
Width= 1.1cm = 11mm
Height= 2mm
Height is actually the thickness of of the cardboard so if you have a cardboard as mine you can paste two rectangles together to reach 2mm of thickness.

Step 3: Cutting Drilling and Preparing the Wire

Now cut out the rectangles and after this you just need to draw four points horizontally at the distance of 2mm each. Now leaving some space make holes on the points. Now remove the insulation of wires using utility knife or paper cutter. If you are enjoying this project don't forget to vote me.

Step 4: Making Pins

Fold the whole draw the wire and at the end of cardboard peace keeping some extra wire fold it and cut the rest wire.
after doing this with all four holes you are ready with the four pins. now connect the other cardboard layers to make the port thicker to reach 2mm of thickness. After this cut out 2 cardboard rectangles of thickness 2 mm, length 11mm, width 5mm. This is to be put on the side with the voice are extended this is to give the thickness of 4mm in that portion for covering letter with a metal case from any old broken USB.

Step 5: Your Creativity

You might think this time I am not going to give you any chance for creativity but that's wrong this time in this small USB you can work on with newideas of kissing it like I have tried with a rubber stopper and you can even make it something artistic so I think that I might get more ideas and you might show you more creativity in this project.
*Till then walk on.*

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