Use Any Sized Bit With Your Makita / Dewalt Router (Shapeoko)




Introduction: Use Any Sized Bit With Your Makita / Dewalt Router (Shapeoko)

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I got a desktop CNC router from Carbide 3D a shapeoko XL, with it came a few American sized router bits that won't fit the regular European Makita or Dewalt routers without an adapter. Somewhere on the internet I read about using an ER11 Colet as an adapter. This will help you to use any sized biy with your CNC.
In this instructable I'll explain how you can make your own adapter quick and easy.

Step 1: Get the Requiered Parts

Get the shaft for the ER11 holder. This shaft will fit the 8mm collet from Makita or Dewalt.

Get the ER11 collets 15PCS. These collets will fit most CNC router bits.

Step 2: Cutting the ER11 Shaft to Length

  1. Place a router bit into the router
  2. Mark how deep it enters the router
  3. Measure the depth of the marked line
  4. Cut the ER11 shaft to size with an angle grinder
  5. Smooth the edges with a file

Step 3: Done

Now you can use most common bit sizes in your machine.

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    2 years ago on Step 1

    Make sure you get the C8, and not the C10 I did... Now off to the nearest metal workshop to take off 1mm on the radius :)


    Question 3 years ago

    Did your Makita come with a standard 6.35mm collet?
    How did you fit the 8mm rod into the existing collet?
    The shaft you mention is the C8 ER11A 100L, right?