Use Gamestop Wireless PS3 Controller on Your PC




Introduction: Use Gamestop Wireless PS3 Controller on Your PC

When I first bought this controller, I thought, "Man, this would make a cool cheap wireless gamepad" . So, I set out looking for drivers, but to no avail. Then I realized that you don't need them, because XP-7 automatically recognizes the gamepad. Go ahead and plug it in, and then go to "Control Panel/ Printers and Other Hardware/ Game controllers". You'll see your PS3 controller listed, and all the buttons work! All you'll need now is a program to map the controller buttons. There are quite a few out there, like Xpadder 5.3 or GlovePIE. I prefer Xpadder because of it's simplicity. If you do choose Xpadder, beware that versions 5.3 and below are free. But anything above 5.3, and you have to buy it.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Just to make it clear, these instructions are for the Gamestop brand controller only. If you want to use a Sony brand controller, there are tons of sites covering it.