Introduction: Use Orange Pi Without Monitor by Using SSH and VNC Server

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Orange Pi is like a mini computer. It has all basic ports that a normal computer has.


  1. HDMI
  2. USB
  3. Ethernet

IT has Some special special ports Like

  1. USB OTG
  2. GPIO Headers
  3. SD Card Slot
  4. Parallel Camera Port

If you want to operate orange pi you must have a need of these things

  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. HDMI Port Monitor

But In this tutorial we will operate Orange pi without Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

Step 1: Required

If you want to operate orange pi Without Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. you need somethings which are as follow.


  1. Orange pi
  2. Local area network
  3. Enthernet cable
  4. Power adopter for orange pi
  5. Windows PC
  6. Internet


Software For Windows PCs Please Download and Install

  1. VNC Viewer
  2. Putty

Step 2: Hardware Attachment

Now attach the orange pi with the internet modem by using Ethernet port of orange pi.

Open Router setting and check the DHCP list by using this is by default IP of the routers.

and check the IP address of the orange pi.

Step 3: Access SSH Server by Using PUTTY

If you are using Raspbian image on Orange Pi then ssh server is install by default in it. you cant need to install on orange pi.

Now open Putty on your windows

Now Write the IP address on the putty which is available on Router DHCP list

My IP address is and port no is 22.

And press open

if you are using Raspbian image which is available Orange Pi official Website

Username:- root

Password:- orangepi

This is command line inter face now you have a need of graphical user interface Now you have to install VNC on Orange Pi

Step 4: Install VNC ON Orange PI

Open Putty and access the orange pi

Now you have to write these command to install VNC Server on Orange PI to access Graphical User Interface

sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

Now its going to install VNC from internet. Internet should be available

To start services of VNC. Now write


Now VNC services will be available

Step 5: Access VNC Server on Windows PC

Open VNC Viewer on windows PC to access orange PI

  1. Press Right button on the screen and then press "New Connection"
  2. Properties will be appear on the screen. Write IP address and Port number
  3. This is my IP address 5901 is a port number
  4. Now press Connect
  5. Now graphical User Interface will be available on PC
  6. Enter the Password to connect

Step 6: Feedback

If you have any problem or cant understand kindly message me. and try to give feed back.

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