Introduction: Use Xbox 360 With a Directv Remote!

This "hack" allows you to use a directv remote with an xbox360, saving you around 25-30 bucks!!! I accidentally did this when I was trying to program my stereo. This is extreamly simple and easy to do. I am the first that I've seen that has done this. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. POST A COMMENT ASKING ME AND I WILL REPLY!!!

Step 1: 1

First switch your remote to av1. Point your remote away from your reciever so that when you press a button it won't react. Then press and hold the select and mute buttons untill the light above the av1 switch blinks twice.

Step 2: 2

press 991, then press 2. After that you press power.

Step 3: 3

After doing this you press the up button 30-50 times untill you xbox turns on, do this slowly cause there is a small delay. If you've done everything correctly while pressing the chan. up button nothing should happen on the tv and the light above av1 will go on each time you hit it.

Step 4: 4

When your Xbox 360 does turn on (after about 5-10 min.) press the select button to store that code and your done! Enjoy your new xbox 360 remote!!! =D

P.S. this was my 1st "hack" ever and I'm glad to see it can save you money and be somewhat usefull.