Introduction: Use Your Computer As a Telephone Device & Fax Machine

If you had your laptop in 1994 then you would have had an inbuilt modem in your laptop but technology has changed in the last decade but not without its let downs.

My name is Samuel and I work as an IT Engineer. I was once sent to test a phone line for a dial tone but prior to my visit I did not have what I am about to show you.

Step 1: Computer Requirements

I have seen on Amazon reviews that what I am about to share with you works flawlessly on Mac OSx and Linux OS but I can only confirm for the Windows OS as I have fully tested this on my Windows 7 64 Bit machine.

Step 2: Parts Needed

What I have used is this version:  Zoom V.92 USB Mini 3095 - 56 Kbps Fax / modem - USB
  • RJ11 Male to BT Plug Male Cable F8V168b02M --> Get this one

  • RJ11 to Telephone Jack Adapter {If you already have a RJ11 lead lying about} --> Get this one

Step 3: Putting Them All Together

Connect the RJ11 lead to the Modem and plug the Telephone Jack end to the phone box on the wall.

The setup will be as seen in the picture above.

That's all go to the next step.

Step 4: Setup 56K Modem

Take your 56K Modem and then plug in to your USB port on your computer. Install the appropriate drivers. Windows would normally get the best driver available but if you have a driver media disk or application then go ahead to install it.

Once you have successfully installed your modem, go to Devices and Printers from Start and then make sure that your modem is installed and shows as in the image above.

Do the following for the final check;

Right Click device and then select Modem Settings>Modems>Properties>Diagnostics>Query Modem

You should get a successful query results like below;

ATQ0V1E0               Success

Your device is ready so go on to the next step.

Step 5: Launch the Following Programmes

Click Start and type Phone and Modem

Set Dialling rules to your local Country, in my case I selected United Kingdom therefore getting the +44 prefix(Area Code).

Select the Modems Tab and make sure you can see the 56K Modem in the list of available Modems.

Now go to Start and type Dialer and do the following;

Click the Tools menu and select Connect Using, select Line as your Modem and leave Address at Address 0.

You are set to play now.

Dial the number you wish to call and see what happens.