Introduction: Useful Items to Bring While in the Outdoors

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In this instructable I will show useful items to bring while hiking, or doing almost anything in the forest. Also, in the case of being lost, all of these items are very practical and would come in great handy. I am packing it all into a small backpack.

Step 1: Knives, and Firestarters.

Having a knife, and a way to start a fire, are extremely useful things to carry. Although matches or a flint won't be used as much as a good ol' swiss army knife, I still bring them along just to be prepared.

What I bring,

  • Swiss Army knife. I love these because of all the built in tools. Mine even includes a small saw.
  • A large fixed blade knife. Its always a nice sense of security having one of these, and it came with a flint, which is effective for starting fires.
  • Matches. I typically bring "stormproof" matches I bought at REI. These things burn in wind, rain, and briefly underwater!

Step 2: Other Items

These items are also important to bring. Usually its the time that these items are forgotten that they are needed the most.

So on the list is,

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Lip blam
  • Protein bar (I typically bring a couple of these)
  • Paracord
  • Carabiner (I find these useful for clipping things like rope or a water bottle to my backpack)
  • Flashlight. I like to use a wind-up one so its never without batteries.
  • WATER! In this case I am just using a water bottle inside my "hydration pack" backpack. Having the hydration pack insert is usually better because it holds more.
  • Bandana (so many uses)
  • Beanie

Step 3: Packing It In

The first photo shows what I fit in the large pouch. I fit water, sunscreen, beanie, carabiner, paracord, bandana, and a beanie.

The second photo shows the front pouch. In there I packed, matches, protein bar, lip balm, and a flashlight.

The Swiss Army knife goes in my pocket, and the fixed blade knife goes in a mesh part on the back of my backpack (shown in a photo on the next step).

Note: Try to distribute the weight evenly from side to side. This will keep from one shoulder getting sore, or a sore neck.

Step 4: Go Adventuring!

Now that you know some great items to bring in the outdoors, get outside and do some hiking or exploring!

I hope you liked this Instructable! Feel free to leave any comments or make any suggestions in the comment area below!

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