Introduction: Using Animal Grease As a Fire Starter

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If you ever harvest a game animal in a survival situation, you can take its grease and use it to a start fire! To do this you will need a fire starter, animal grease, foil or some fireproof object, and a cotton ball. Also, the video above shows you how to use animal grease as a fire starter!

Step 1: Setting Up

You will need to have some animal grease on your fireproof object, I have chosen tin foil. Place your cotton ball in the center of the grease.

Step 2: Igniting the Fire

Once you have your cotton ball in place, take your fire starter of choose to ignite the grease. I have chosen a ferro rod to do so, it works great. The cotton ball should flame up very easily and should burn for several minutes.

Step 3: How It Works

The cotton ball can be compared to a candle wick. The wick of the candle will absorb the wax to burn. In this case, the cotton ball will absorb the animal grease and burn. I used bacon grease and it smelled wonderful!!!