Introduction: Using "Avocado for One"

Over the past few years, avocado injuries have been on the rise. Another problem is that avocados are nearly impossible to prepare without the use of one arm, and so we have created a solution. Avocado for One aims to make preparing avocados easier and safer, especially in the case of an amputee. Here is how to use our device once it is 3D printed.

Step 1: Get Everything You Will Need

You will need: our device printed using any 3D printer filament except ABS (toxic), our pitting device also made with 3D printer, a knife, and avocado, and some rubber bands.

Step 2: Place Male Plastic Piece Into Female Piece As Shown

Step 3: Place Rubber Band Around Hooks on Male Device

Step 4: Place Avocado In-between Male and Female Pieces

Step 5: Place Support Pieces Into Holes As Needed Depending on Table

Step 6: Begin Cutting Avocado

Ensure that the rubber bands do not get cut while moving around edges

Step 7: Place Avocado Onto Pitting Device and Twist Clockwise

It is required to press avocado very hard onto pitter, especially if in use as amputee