Introduction: Using Fruity Loops Music Production Software Part 1: Introduction

This is a 20 minute video tutorial on how to produce TV / radio / CD quality music with a 24 bit music software package called Fruity Loops. I will focus on a song that I created specifically for this purpose that can be edited, remixed, saved and exported. Some of the content may be copyrighted so it's not for commercial use.

The video is for total beginners, but within a short period of time it is possible to make a very presentable piece of high quality music that will definitely impress your grandma.

The software itself can be downloaded for free: and is fully functional. Plugins for extra synths and effects modules can be purchased at a later stage if needed, but for now are not required.

The lead vocals on the demo were created using one of my previous instructables:, which is a good place to go to create custom text to speech or even text to singing using an Emic2 module.

But for now:

  1. Download and install Fruity Loops.
  2. Download and import my 'A Tribute to Stephen Hawking' zip file.
  3. Plug in headphones or speakers.
  4. Have fun! And feel free to post links in the comments to music / videos created.

If there's enough / any interest in this instructable I will create a Part 2.

Step 1: A Tribute to Stephen Hawking

If you just want to listen to the tune, play the video above!

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