Introduction: Using Google Map to Recall Personal History

This is a feature that exists in google map, but many people might not know about this feature. That's why making an instructable about it.

Feature detail: Google gives you a default feature that lets you track your movement history day on day. If you are unable to recall if you were travelling on a particular date or where you were on a particular date.

Now you can find that out.

Step 1: How to Reach

Open google map:

Click on the ellipse on the top left corner.

Select your timeline option from the drop down.

Your feature is visible.

Step 2: What to Do

On the top left corner you see the movement graph by date. You can scroll left and right as per your requirement. You can also navigate to a particular date by typing on the top list.

As you select a date with a valid tracking available, you can see your movement when and where.

This feature even shows intercity travel. In short google keeps everything.

If this feature is good or bad is debatable.

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