Introduction: Using Self Hypnosis to Get a Better Nights Sleep.

There are many reasons why we may not get enough sleep at night.  It may that there is a medical problem either physical or mental that is keeping you awake at night.  Your sleep environment may not be conducive to a good nights sleep.  Maybe you have problems, work to do or excitement about tomorrow's day that is keeping you awake.  Most of these can be overcome by using self hypnosis.

If you're sure it's not a health problem AND you've tried the usual insomnia remedies it's time to try self hypnosis.

Step 1: Get Things Ready for Bed Time.

First make sure that your sleeping chamber is prepared. 

You need quiet.  No radio, tv or computer on in the back ground.  Turn off your cell phone.  Try to get the rest of the household to go along for a few days until you get your sleep pattern established.

Set the temperature to a comfortable level.

Wear something comfortable and have comfortable sheets on the bed.  Clean off all the toys, sand, cracker crumbs and homework trash.

Turn off the lights.

Step 2: Before You Start.

Get into a comfortable position. It should the position you want to go to sleep in.  I'm a tosser and turner all night but when I do this I usually don't move all night and wake up in exactly the same position that I went to sleep in.

Take a few deep slow breaths.  Try to start relaxing.

Step 3: The Actual Self Hypnosis Process.

Start the hypnosis process by imagining you are standing in the shower and warm water is slowly filling the shower.  As the water level slowly creeps up your body picture it in your mind and as it moves up your body picture it relaxing all your muscles and nerves.  Imagine that as the water moves up your body it paralyzes that group of muscles.   The relaxation water should take up to an hour the first few times you do it. 

Let the water level linger on an area as long as needed to feel the tension leave.  Try to not move any part of your body once you start.  As the water moves up your skin you should be able to feel the muscles relax.

If you feel outside influences and thoughts encroaching into your mind slow down and concentrate on your body more.

If you get to the top of your head and are still not asleep then just give yourself permission to go to sleep.  You should be able to go to sleep now.  If not then you probably are still thinking about other things that are keeping you awake.  Try again to think only about relaxing your body and not moving any part of you body.

When you learn to relax before your night of sleep you will be able to get the best night's rest you could imagine.

Step 4: Some Last Suggestions.

It helps if you can set a sleep pattern so that you are going to bed at the same time each night and getting up the same time in the morning.

It's important to be prepared for going to sleep.  Don't take sugar of caffeine after diner.  Don't eat really late.  Get up as early as you need to and go to bed at a reasonable hour so you have time to get a full nights rest.

After you get proficient at self hypnosis to sleep it may only take you a few minutes before you fall asleep.  I've been able to fall asleep in less than a minute when I didn't think it was going to be easy, just barely got started.

The next morning there are no after effects other than a great night's sleep.