Introduction: Using TinkerCAD to a Make a Jet Engine ! (make It Move)

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Hello guys !

When I saw the TinkerCAD 'make it move contest', I thought to myself, "what moves more than a jet engine"!

So, instantly I started designing the engine, then I started to record it.

It's an instructable on how to make a jet engine. It is not a working jet engine (it does not work on jet fuel) but it has ball bearings inside and rotates when connected to a motor.

Things you'll need:

  • A laptop with a browser and any social media account.

Pretty much that's it!

Step 1: Basic Controls

Things to know:

  • 'd' for bringing an object to 0 mm level
  • 'm' to mirror'l' to align
  • right click and drag to move around
  • scroll in and scroll out to zoom in and out

Some shortcuts:

  • ctrl+g = group
  • ctrl + shift + g = ungroup
  • ctrl+c = copy
  • ctrl+v=paste
  • ctrl+x=cut

Step 2: How It Looks....

here :

Step 3: Making the Engine's Cover and the Turbine Housing

The engine's cover is the iconic hollow cylindrical shape which we recognize the second we look at it.

Following the YouTube video is advised. The video:

Step 4: Making the Ball Bearing Housing

The Ball bearing housing has a diameter a bit less than the turbine housing so that it fits inside flush.

video :

Step 5: Making the Turbine/fans and the Shaft

The turbine is basically series of blades in a specific angle arranged in a circular manner.


The video:

Step 6: Scaling All the Parts Up and Assembly (part-1)

When I imported the .stl file of the ball bearing into my TinkerCAD, the ball bearing looks line a giant in front of it.

So, I decided to scale all the parts up.


Step 7: Assembly - Part 2

I have made most use of the 'align' function in TinkerCAD. All parts prepared previously fits together like jigsaw puzzle.

Video :

Step 8: Done!

It looks amazing !

It was really fun making the project.

Hope you enjoyed it and learnt something from it.

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