Introduction: Using Your Phone As a Tracking Divice

If you're ever in need of knowing the whereabouts of an individual, be it your kids, your spouse, or a person of interest, Apple has the app for you. This instructable will teach you what you need, where to get it, and tactics for employing your god like power of observation that does not require the obsolete method of trailing someone, because we all have better ways of spending our time. 

Step 1: Items Required

You'll need a target first of all, but that aside, you'll need one to two smart phones, depending on the level of flexibility you require as well as resources you have at hand. You will also need this application  if you have an iPhone, and this application if you have an Android. Both do relatively the same thing, though if you are using the two phone method described later within this instructable I'd suggest using two of the same, the same also goes for the one phone and computer method described next though instead of the phones the operating systems should be similar, Android's for PC's iPhone's for Apples. You will also require an internet connection, which goes without saying and, I'm assuming, shouldn't be a problem if you're reading this.

Step 2: The Method

The principle's of this tactic is a very simple one, you take your phone, or any Apple product with WiFi,  and discreetly hide it somewhere where the target cannot find it, making sure that the volume is turned off and that its well hidden, of course. It can be somewhere the the targets vehicle, to some pocket of a book bag that's most likely not to be used, and by using the application which finds your phone through GPS, graciously displayed on Google maps, you can know exactly where the targets going at all times.

You can do this one to two ways. You can either have two devices, one with the target, the other on your person, which is the most preferable method because it allows you to be mobile as well. Or, if need be, you can have one phone on the target and see up to date locations of where it is from your home computer.

The two phone method, again, is more preferable especially when you're following the target or wish to give them a surprise visit. But the one phone method will also work if you don't have an extra.

Of course though, both devices don't need to be yours. Lets say you want to keep track of where your kid is going you could easily install the application on the phone you've paid for and see if their tell you the truth of  where their going or not. Or you might easily forget your phone in your spouses vehicle and see if their lying about their whereabouts as well.    

Step 3: The Setup

First things first, you will need to install the corresponding application to the corresponding phone, the applications can be found linked in, in step #2, and the setup for the iPhone can be found here, and the one for the Android can be found here.

Step 4: Happy Hunting

I hope that this instructable will help in all missions comrades.

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