Introduction: Utility Belt


The coolest thing about Batman is his humanity and the fact that he's an average man fighting in a world among gods. However Batman is nothing without his gadgets and utility belt to aid him in his crime fighting endeavors. So in order to live the Batman life we will be create his infamous utility belt. Unfortunately we don't all have the infinite wealth of Bruce Wayne, so this list of materials is for a much humbler hero. Feel free to add or substitute any materials but this is what you'll need.

-a belt

-tape (any kind)

-some sort of paint

-7 card board squares (4"x5")

-soda can

-circuit playground express

-a computer

Step 1:

Firstly you'll need to connect your circuit playground device to your computer via USB

Step 2:

Time to get coding

Using the link above you can access the coding of your circuit playground express, in doing so you can follow the images provided to input the following actions for your device to perform: Button A= Green Light + Wand Noise, Button B= Flashing Red Light + WAWAWA, and Shake= Flashing Blue Light + Pew Pew

Once you have it all set up, reset your circuit express and upload the file you've coded

Step 3:

Once you've unplugged and setup your circuit, we can get to painting, feel free to paint your cardboard and soda can whatever color you wish. You can also add any additional attachments you think you would have on your belt if you were a superhero.

Step 4:

After you've finished painting, begin attaching all your gadgets or pouches to your belt using tape.

Step 5:

BOOM, you've created your very own utility belt. Now you can be your own hero.