Introduction: Utility Box

Today make a multipurpose box with recycled materials ; the materials we use are:

Carton of 37cm X 24cm

½ meter cloth

One old shirt


Silicon liquid

8 plastic bottles (milk )

Masking tape color

Step 1: Plastic Container

Cut the milk cans 10 cm , hitting 4; with liquid silicone and sharp contour cover with masking tape to avoid cuts .

Step 2: Box

We cover the box with fabric with the help of liquid silicone .

Step 3: T-shirt

With T-shirt, cut the bottom and sew to create a cover , place it inside the box.

Step 4: Handle

With a piece of plastic cut a strip of 3 sides and making a killing with a piece of fabric to make the handle , then we make a small cut in the box to put the handle in the box

Step 5: Ready to Use

Finally we put the boat in the box with dividers serve . And ready to use .