Introduction: UwU~bot Is Here!

This is UwU~bot. UwU~bot was just a paper robot given life after receiving a lot of love and attention. Now, UwU~bot is out and about spreading happiness and friendship. It believes that happiness and friendship is magic since it brought it to life. Spread happiness and friendship to your friends with an UwU~bot today.


1. Printed Paper (

2. Scissors or Exacto Knife

3. Tape

4. Glue (optional)

Step 1: How to Make

Step 1: With scissors or an Exacto Knife, cut out the pieces along the outline. Make sure to make slits where the dashed lines are.

Step 2: After cutting out the four pieces, put the arms piece aside, and start folding the other three pieces along the lines in order to form cubes.

Step 3: Using tape, tape up the pieces along the edges in order to keep each piece in the form of a cube.

Step 4: Insert the arm piece into the slits you made.

Step 5: Tape or glue the two smaller cubes to the bottom of the bigger cube where there are the letters F's.

Step 6: Gift it to one of your friends or keep it for yourself!

Step 7: Enjoy UwU~bot.