Introduction: Prototype for KILL BILL VIRUS-PROOF SUIT • Germicidal Armor


"if you are alive, you are in the situation." - Bread & Puppet Theater


This isn’t a permanent installation. It’s a promotional prototype for a lovely medical disposable germ-suit.

So far so good, and meanwhile, we think it looks great.


is an inexpensive (eventually, under $25-30?), portable USB powered virus-zapper suit that

1. Will provide a 5-10 meter radius of safe-to-humans UVGI germicidal protection for any wearing it and

2. That anyone can put together without special expertise for both practical application ASAP during this Corona-Enclosure period, as well as

3. to sport about town in a show of support for the Columbia University recent campaign: ( to further the cause for putting 100% safe levels of low range UV-C in all people’s hands as “…a way to “curtail not only COVID-19 now, but future super-viruses as well as more familiar viruses like influenza…” And as written about here in Gadgeteer.

4. KILL BILL & all associate viruses



Goal: $25-30 / Reality: $69 (not including power bank)

1. Medical or paint coveralls, X-large - $9.99, Rainbow (30 mins wait on line)

2. Two 16.5’ LED strips USB-ready with music! Amazon)

3. Aluminum Tape (Yes!) - $3.24 x 3 rolls = $9.72, Amazon

4. iCraft SuperTape Strong Double Sided Permanent Adhesive, 1/2" x 6 yards - $5, Amazon

5. Power Bank

More about those Materials...

Shortwave UV-C LED strips measured at 254 nanometers ARE AVAILABLE, but with current shipping delays, I opted to buy regular RGB strips from Amazon to get the idea assembled quickly for this contest. So many choices exist, but these were shipped fast and were super EASY to use.I also want to research more before making any claims.

Aluminum Tape - this stuff is fantastic! Apparently, aluminum as a base for LED wicks excess heat from the diodes, preventing over-heating which both extends their lifespan and keeps them operating at their brightest. So I thought, why not break out the tinfoil? I love this tape! It’s providing a non-porous surface for the 3M adhesive on the light strips, attaches so easily, flexes with the coverall material and is holding up wonderfully even during my brave model's 24 squats.

Super Tape - Fortunately, I had this two-sided super sticky tape on hand as the LED adhesive was absent across a 12” patch. Super Tape to the rescue!

Power Bank - This is where my learning curve is at its greatest incline: Each 16.4’ (5 meter) strip was listed at 24 watts (is that per foot or total strip length?) I decided 24 watts sounds like a lot for just a few meters of LED so likely 24W was calculated for the whole strip (or was it a typo?) Each strip is recommended for 12 volts of electrical draw. I doubled that for both strips to 24 volts since I planned to connect them onto one power source and one supplier advised to divide 24 by 12 to get the amps - so 2 amps total. Wait.. is that a lot or a little? Portable power banks are measured in mili-amps so would this need something like a mini-car battery? (UPDATE: I have since found another Instructable that is now my designated tutorial on electricity here):


1. Steamed and lightly ironed the coveralls - for aesthetics, but also so the tape would lay flat - now I realize this is likely not an absolutely imperative step as that aluminum tape lays down on the material easily and stays put (no matter how many squats my 80 year old model can do - 24, to be exact). Under iron heat, the material gets delicate quickly so go lightly with the ironing if opting for this step, spraying with water and lightly dabbing.

2. Laid the coveralls on the rug, then laid out the 1st strip, starting at the opening of one sleeve where I thought the power bank and light controller should be easy to access or tuck inside the sleeve. In the future, I think a power bank on a lanyard centered in front might be more accessible by both or either hand and more user friendly.

3. If the suit were woven cloth coveralls, I might have sprung for T and L connectors to make the turns, but materials’ cost were already above my goal. I lucked out and found this tutorial ( on bending instead of cutting, so for the purpose of this disposable suit, I opted to go with this two-bend fold, which could later be unfolded and repurposed - - works well! The adhesive on the strips was strong enough to hold these corner folds in place without additional gluing once I removed the paper backing. So the two-fold bend might be the better option after all, since the L and T connectors would need separate gluing and add another step.

4. I planned out the placement of each strip on either side of the center zipper, holding the temporary placement with scotch tape until ready to remove the LED’s paper backing.

5. Tinfoil time! After the LEDs were planned and laid out, but not yet pasted down, I cut matching strips of actual… tinfoil tape! (Who’da thought?)

6. We slid the tinfoil (with paper backing still on) under the LEDs. Once in place and holding both the LED strips on top of the aluminum strips in position, then pulled the paper backwards and lightly spot-pressed the tape in case we needed to reposition it. We didn’t, but taking that precaution made us that much more mindful of the placement along the way. That said, we also weren’t aiming to make a runway-ready Gucci outfit.

7. With 16.4’ of light strips on each side of the suit, and beginning at one arm hole, the other end landed back at the collar with enough length to wrap the two end connectors behind the collar. These two ends are females and come with a 4-prong male connector. All the parts designed to fit!

Voila! The promotion for the Ultra-Violet-C Virus-Zapper Germicidal Armor Suit against viral germs and all their nasty threats!

Step 2: Contextualizing Viral Climate

Contextualizing Viral Climate

As history testifies, and will again, great advancements in all fields of human knowledge are notoriously hard-won. Wielding the weapon of LIGHT against germs (or your average random zombie attack) through our long, cold, dark ages of force N' censorship is no exception.

Credit where credit’s due: our authorities and manufacturers have been employing UV light for decades to unmatched medical and industrial success. Since the turn of the 20th century our varied use of UV treatments in medical and industrial applications (among many) include on newborn babies for even suspected risk of jaundice, food purification, as well as Vitamin D enrichment, water sanitation and purification and air purification.

"The application of UVGI to disinfection has been an accepted practice since the mid-20th century."

Ultra violet light has been during the last century, and is now, our strongest, most intelligent alternative to marshal-law medicine.

HOWEVER, simultaneously,

from blood-letting to lobotomies,

beheading to opioids,

mass plagues (typically occurring during periods of Enclosure

and prior fear-based religious conversions to human trafficking),

BOWDLERIZING Shakespeare ("The Family Edition")

from DDT spraying of fields to GMO’s,

premature cord-clamping to non-medically indicated C-sections,

from the Civil War to WWII and recently,

pharma coalition's attempt to patent DNA stopped by ACLU...,

of the whole human struggle between liberty, evolution and connection

vs. fear, domination and self-interest, the question remains:

Which do we want?

(Hear this fantastic episode here by Tania Simoncelli TO FIND OUT what one person with a clear-eyed question and Supreme Court can do!)


Step 3: Safe Range to Human Cells and Retinas, While Eradicating Virus Cells

Nearly a decade following concerted efforts for open science publication forums on the position that human knowledge belongs to human beings and based largely on the argument that since it is citizens' taxes which fund the research, the results belong to the public,

"On January 14, 2019, the OPEN Government Data Act, became law."

as part of the Foundations for Evidence Based Policymaking Act.

Step 4: More Pictures

My brave model can do 24 squats in this suit without a single diode fail!

He also happens to be The One and Only MIT geologist who established the age of our solar system, so, he was this suit's honorary and brave 1st astronaut.

Step 5: CONCLUSION: LED + UV-C = Happier, Healthier, Liberated Planet.

Corona virus-19, alongside ecological threats, poses the largest scale challenge to human evolution, freedom and liberty that our species as a whole has ever faced.

There are many names for the alternative to liberty, such as human trafficking.

It is my position as a mother that all of them are beneath our human evolution and that "Necessity is the mother..."

The time is now NECESSARY to turn Enclosure-Corona into Ultra Violet Healing of the Primate Left Behind

AND the consequences of ignoring him on our Mother Earth.

(Next up, an Instructable on proper use of food-grade Silica for removal of heavy metal toxins).

Yes, our handlers won't like it. But our handlers ain't your mama. And "Your mama oughta know..."


"So here's to the crazy ones..." snowflakes, tinfoil tape and fighting with LIGHT.

Happy jaunting and may the Source be with you!





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