Introduction: VW T5 T5.1 T6 Transporter Van Extra Cab Door Seal Trim Upgrade 16 X 16mm OEM Spec “Sounds Like a Golf Install Instructions Guide

The Problem

Door close on these vehicles is very tinny / unrefined.

The door close on these vehicles is often described as a “Clunk” or “Tinny”. The door metal closes directly on to the vehicle body with no outer bumper seal. Such a seal is standard equipment on Caravelle, Shuttle and California models which have a far superior seal and closing sound.

You can note on vehicles without the additional seal that the lower section of the door bounces when closing, creating excess noise and in some cases damaging the paint work. As such we have developed our seal to create a much softer more refined door close.

Symptoms of the fault

Tinny sound when closing doors. Rattle sound when shutting door. Excess road / wind / tyre noise when driving. Rattly / loud door close. Door bounce when closing.

Vehicles affected and compatibility

VW Volkswagen Transporter T5 Models 2003-2015.

VW Volkswagen Transporter T5.1 Models 2010-2015.

VW Volkswagen Transporter T6 Models 2015-Present.

Our solution

Install our door seals and instantly refine the sound of your vehicles door close.

Install our doors seals and make your vehicles doors close with a refined thud rather than a metal on metal clunk.

Match the quality of Caravelle, Shuttle and California models which have a far superior seal and closing sound. Our item is a match to the seals on this model with the perfect 16mm x 16mm seal profile.

Install in minutes providing a perfect seal and reducing engine / road noise instantly.

Specifically designed to stop door bounce and provide the perfect door close making the door close “sound like a Golf”

This seal is constructed from the highest quality rubber, check out our amazing feedback for OUR rubber extrusions, 100,000’s of meters sold each year!

Our seal is backed with the best quality 3M brand self-adhesive strip preinstalled on the reverse for easy fitting.

We also include 4 large 100% isopropyl alcohol de-greasing wipes for easy install please check out our install instructions and video, install typically takes minutes.

You will receive

5.2 Meters of our seal, backed with 3M tape. (Enough for both front doors left and right)

4 large 100% isopropyl alcohol de-greasing wipes.

Step 1: Cut Trim Length in Half

Begin by bending the rubber trim in half and cut the trim in half with sharp scissors.

This will leave you with two lengths one for each door.

Step 2: Clean Door Metal

Clean the door metal where the seal is to be fitted with soap and water then with the included wipes. Remove all grime and contaminates.

Please see images showing our recommended seal path.

Step 3: Heat Door Metal and Seal

In cold weather heat the door metal and the trim using a hot air gun to allow good adhesion and flexibility of the seal.

Step 4: Fit Seal

Peel back the adhesive covering and fit the seal. Please note the recommended seal path shown in the images.

If there is excess trim cut off with sharp scissors.

In cold weather we recommend continuing to heat the seal whilst fitting to ensure flexibility and good adhesion.

This completes the repair. If you need any further guidance on this install or would like to purchase the parts shown please call us on +44 01843 446643 or email us at

Please also check out our instruction guide on YouTube.

Installation is carried out at installers risk, if unsure please contact us or a professional, X8R Ltd cannot be held responsible for any adverse result of installing this product or any injuries caused by install, if in doubt ask a professional. All images and texts are copyright X8R Ltd 2018.

Step 5: