Introduction: Vacuum Extraction of Transmission Oil! - Hyundai Trajet 2000.

OK it's time for my wife's car to have the transmission oil and filter replaced. My diy vacuum extractor, 4 quarts of atf oil and the filter are needed to do this job.
Read on for how I did this in less than half hour!

Step 1: Preparing for Extraction.

With my diy extractor in place, I removed the dipstick and inserted the tubing. Mind you the tubing shots go about 2 inches deeper than the dipstick. Any lower and no oil may be extracted. It's a tricky arrangement sometimes with oil extraction via the dipstick tube.

See one of my doggies just breezing behind the car? She doesn't care about car maintenance. The same can be said of my wife.

Step 2: Extraction!

The vacuum extractor quickly removed 4 quarts from the transmission sump. I emptied the oil into a gallon container and disposed of it properly.

Step 3: New Oil and Filter!

Using only my hand I removed the old filter. I put some fresh oil onto the rubber seal of the new filter and screwed it on. Yes people, there actually are transmissions with user replaceable filters!

Using a long neck funnel I added 4 quarts of synthetic atf oil.

Now the vehicle is ready for the road!