Introduction: Vacuum Gripper System Using OpenCR

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We provide a way to set the vacuum gripper system using OpenCR. It can be used for the OpenManipulator gripper Instead of standard gripper. It is also useful for using to the manipulators that don't have sirial linkage structure such as OpenManipulator friends.
e-manual :

Part Number. Name - Quantity

    OpenCR - 1
  2. 12V Air Pump Motor - 1
  3. UD0640-20-C (Air Tube 6Ø) - 1
  4. UD0860-20-C (Air Tube 8Ø) - 1
  5. MSCNL6-1 (Coupling 6Ø) - 1
  6. MSCNL8-1 (Coupling 8Ø) - 1
  7. MVPKE8 (Suction Cup) - 1
  8. MHE3-M1H-3/2G-1/8 (Control Valve) - 1
  9. NEBV-Z4WA2L-P-E-2.5-N-LE2-S1 (Cable for Valve) - 1

Step 1: Insert ARDUINO 4 RELAYS SHIELD Into OpenCR.


Step 2: Insert the Coupling Into the Control Valve.

Insert the coupling into the control valve.

One of them uses 6Ø coupling and the other uses 8Ø coupling.

Step 3: Connect the Cable to the Control Valve.

Connect the cable(NEBV-Z4WA2L-P-E-2.5-N-LE2-S1) to the control valve.

Step 4: Insert the Air Tube

Insert the air tube (8Ø) into the pump motor on one side.

Step 5: Connect the Air Tube

Connect the other end of the air tube (8Ø) inserted in step 4 to the 8Ø coupling of the control valve.

Step 6: Connect Air Tube (6Ø)

Connect air tube (6Ø) to Suction cup.

Step 7: Connect the Air Tube (6Ø)

Step 8: Connect the Power Supply, Suction System, and Arduino Shield

Connect the power supply, suction system, and arduino shield as shown below. Here, the cables connected to the control valve can be connected in any way, without distinction between vcc and gnd.

Warning: For the specifications of the Arduino 4 Relays Shield, please check the URL below.