Introduction: Vacuum Straw Brush

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Have you ever needed to vacuum some delicate objects like computer keyboards or motherboards? Maybe some hard to reach places like that rats nest of cables that tends to grow on every extension cord?

Well look no further, 'cause this little hack will make these tasks a breeze!

Required skill level: beginner

Estimated build time: 10 minutes

Estimated cost: $0 (or ~$12)

Step 1: What We'll Need

Chances are, you will already have all the necessary parts somewhere in your household, so the total cost of this hack will be $0 - but even if you need to buy everything this hack will cost you around $10.

We will need:

  • a pack of disposable drinking straws (~$5)
  • some duct tape (~$5)
  • vacuum cleaner attachment that you want to upgrade to straw brush (comes with your vacuum cleaner)
  • a piece of gauze or an old nylon stocking (~$1)

Step 2: Prepare the Straws

  1. Find the vacuum cleaner attachment that you wish to enhance (I used the attachment for narrow spaces).
  2. Fill it up with straws until no more straws can fit in
  3. Secure the straws together with some duct tape
  4. Cut of the excess part of the straws that go into the attachment

PRO TIP: Make sure the straws are at an angle so that later you will have fine control on how many straws you want to use.

PRO TIP²: Instead of simply duct taping the straws together, you can glue them together thus ensuring that no air leaks through between the straws

Step 3: Add Safety Mesh (optional)

In case you haven't glued the straws together, your vacuum cleaner might suck-in a straw or two, if you don't add some sort of a safety mesh.

I used a piece of medical gauze, but any porose material will do: nylon stocking, bandage, mosquito net, etc.

PRO TIP: This safety mesh will catch any tiny screws, or anything that you do not wish to vacuum, so you can easily retrieve them without having to dig through your vacuum cleaner's dust bag.

PRO TIP²: If you find super narrow straws, and you've decided to glue them together, you can skip this step

Step 4: Complete Your Straw Brush

  1. Put the straws into the attachment.
  2. Admire your vacuum attachment hack for 10 seconds...

Step 5: Now Do Those Chores You've Been Avoiding for So Long

You're welcome.

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