Introduction: Valentine's Day Rose Cake Pops

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Hey guys! For this Valentine's Day I wanted to make beautiful rose cake pops. I didn't want to have to use any fondant or candy coating, instead I used buttercream frosting and piped the buttercream onto the cake pop like I would using a rose nail. If you do know how to pipe buttercream roses onto a rose nail this process should be somewhat simple for you. If not, we'll go through the rules of piping buttercream roses.

In the video I had a blast and a good laugh teaching my mom how to make these cake pops. While they weren't perfect, with more practice she'll have the technique down in no time.

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You'll Need:

About 2 cups or a couple slices of cake

To this add 1/4 cup of frosting or less if oily

Frosting (red and white)

Lollipop sticks

Candy melt

Piping back with a petal tip


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Step 1: Cake Poppin'

Add the frosting to the cake and crumble then knead the cake until it forms a dough like consistency. You can also do this in the food processor until the cake forms a dough ball.

Next, take about 1 tbsp. of cake dough and form a small ball. The ball should be completely smooth with no bumps or lumps. Roll the ball into a cone shape to form the rosebud. Set your rosebuds aside onto parchment paper and refrigerate until firm or at least 15 minutes.

Melt down a small amount of candy melts and dip your lollipop stick into the candy melt about 1/4 inch. Place the stick into the cake pop and allow it to set. Place aside on a holder or styrofoam.

Step 2: Piping

Place the buttercream (color of your choice) into a piping bag with the petal tip.

Piping roses:

Begin by piping one single petal onto the top of the rosebud while turning the cake pop as seen in the first picture. This will be the center of the rose. Next pipe 3-4 petals surrounding the center petal, making sure to slightly overlap each petal. Once you've completed one row, move down to complete another row of petals. Here you should pipe between 5 and 6 petals. Continue piping petals down the rose until you've completely covered the bit of candy melt and the bottom. Place aside and move onto the next rose.

Step 3: Set Up

I decided to put my in a small glass vase because they stood up nicely.

You can also put them in a small pot with a little bit of greenery and/or styrofoam.

Watch the video tutorial to see how I made these gorgeous cake pops and feel free to check out my other videos!

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