Introduction: Valentine’s Day Treat Baggies (with Printable Bag Topper)

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Use these free printable “A little something sweet” Valentine’s Day treat bag toppers to make easy and affordable homemade valentine treat baggies.

They are very easy to make and have that homemade touch that makes them unique.

Plus, you can make a whole tray of the treats in just a few minutes, making them great for classroom Valentine's Day exchanges.

The backside of the treat toppers has an area for your child to write their name so that the recipient can easily see who their valentine is from.

Step 1: Print Treat Toppers & Gather Supplies

Start by printing out the printable treat toppers on cardstock (available here) and gathering everything else that you will need to make these DIY Valentines: snack size baggies, candy or chocolate for filling the baggies, scissors, and a stapler.

Step 2: Fill Baggies & Prepare Treat Toppers

Fill baggies with your choice of candy or chocolates (we used HERSHEY® Lava Cake KISSES chocolates)

Fold treat toppers in half along the black line.

Print child’s name, or have child print their name, on the back of the treat topper.

Step 3: Attach Treat Toppers to Baggies

Use a stapler to attach each treat topper to the baggies.

That is it. Super simple, right?

Be sure to head over to the full Valentine's Day Treat Toppers blog post to download the printable treat toppers. I hope that you and your little ones enjoy making and handing out these fun Valentine’s Day treat baggies. Happy Valentine’s Day!