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Introduction: Valentines Rings - Laser Cut for Free

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Design your own custom acrylic ring for Valentine's day in Inkscape and have it laser cut and delivered for free.
I used Inkscape, because it is free, but you can use any vector graphics program.
The design takes only a couple of minutes, even if you have never used Inkscape before.

Step 1: Open Inkscape

Step 2: Re-size Page

Re-size page to 3"x1" which is the free size.
(Shift + Ctrl + D)

Step 3: Find Ring Size

Go to and find a ring size chart.

Step 4: Find Ring Size

Copy the diameter of the desired ring size.

Step 5: Draw the Inside of the Ring

Using the Circle Tool or (F5), click and drag on the page to create a circle, while holding Shift and Ctrl. Shift makes the circle centered around the point where you started. Ctrl makes its height the same as its width.

Step 6: Change to Desired Size

Select the circle and paste the diameter you got from Wikipedia, in the width or height box while having the little lock in between closed (that keeps the aspect ratio the same).

Step 7: Draw the Outside Part of the Ring

Select the circle and go to Path->Linked Offset (Or just type Ctrl+Alt+J).

Step 8: Created Outer Parameter

Then while holding Shift and Ctrl pull one of the diagonal arrows to created the outside parameter of the ring.

Step 9: Find a Diamond Cut

Do a Google image search for diamond cut and save the design you like.

Step 10: Add It to Your Design

Drag and drop the saved image into your design and re-size it.

Step 11: Select the Bezier Tool

Select the Bezier tool from the left menu, or type Shit + F6

Step 12: Trace the Outside

First trace the outside, making sure that you close the line where you started, to created a shape. You can change the color to red now or later. Red is the color that is cut. To change the color, select the object, then go to Object->Fill and Stroke... or just type Shift+Ctrl+F.

Step 13: Reduce Line Size

The laser cuts or etches only lines that are 0.300pt (0.00416in) and below. So to reduce the size select the object go to Object->Fill and Stroke... or just type Shift+Ctrl+F. In the fill and stroke window click on stroke style tab and then change the width to 0.004in.

Step 14: Finish Tracing the Diamond

Finish tracing the diamond with the Bezier tool. Here you can change the color to Black of Blue for etch or you can do it later. The same about the line size.

Step 15: Place Diamond on the Ring

Select the whole diamond and drag it on top of the ring where you want it to be.

Step 16: Combine Diamond and Ring

Select the Diamond Outline only and the outer circle of the ring and go to Path->Union ot just type Ctrl++ (Ctrl+Shift+=)..

Step 17: Change Diamond Color

Change the color of the diamond to Black or Blue so the laser know to etch it and not cut it (Shift + Ctrl + F).

Step 18: Add Some Text

Type some text (F8) then select the text and the path you want it to follow. Then go to Text->Put on Path. You might want to flip the text first, depending on what orientation you want.

Step 19: Fill Up the Whole Page

Copy and past the ring as many times you can to get the most out of your free 3 by 1 inches.

Step 20: Upload Desing to

Go to and upload your design with your info.

Step 21: Receive Your Ring

Wait for your rings to come in the mail.

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    7 years ago

    Anyone reading this:

    is NOW


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Is the cut three dimensional, or is it just a flat cut? Like are the facets that are cut into the "diamond" just on one side or go all the way around?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    The facets are only on one side. It is a two axis cut, you have control only of two dimensions - the third one is the material thickness.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this is really really useful! And you're sure it's free?

    I have a designs I've been dying to try and make, it's a good thing to know where to get a sample of work! Thanks!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Yes it is free for sample sizes of 1"x3" for most acrylics.
    The color coding has changed, but you can see the current guidelines here


    13 years ago on Introduction

    why must my finger be so large!?!?!    .9 inches, so it's pretty pointless for a ring, cool finding this sample is free though!


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Because it is a sample - only 3"x1".
    Larger sizes are paid.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    It can be anything that would fit in a 3"x1" box.