Introduction: Valentine’s Themed Turkey Heart - Coaster Planter Holder

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There is quite the backstory behind our animated turkey 3D model. This little gobbler escaped Thanksgiving, and then no one took it home for Christmas. Since then, it has been traveling around the world, searching for its Valentine. When 3D printed, it can be used as a themed coaster for a wine bottle or a beer glass. A heart-shaped holder can house beautifully folded napkins. And in the gardening season, the highly intricate stump can serve as a tray for a plant pot. If you are into planter pots check my blog about 3D printed plant pots and waterproof 3D printing.

Step 1: How Was the Animated Turkey Conceived?

I had the idea to create the turkey when I took the Blender 2.8 course by PTT. In the second week, we were tasked to create a basic, animated low poly animal from the box. In Blenders editing mode, when extracting and pulling vertices (dots), edges, and faces, it can be done in minutes. Jason (PrintThatThing) encouraged us not to merely duplicate his model, but to come up with our own creations; thus, the decision to create an animated turkey 3D model was born. Read the full review of the 4-week Blender course by PTT.

Step 2: Evolution

When we added the turkey’s first feature, the hat, it became clear that this model had the potential to evolve into something bigger. We started giving him all kinds of accessories: a pot to lean his feathers on; a fancy cocktail; even a bottle of bubbly in an ice bucket. If you are into coasters check my blog about 3D printed coasters.

Step 3: Heart & Stump

Bonus Objects - Tree Stump & Heart-Shaped Napkin Holder

Eventually, I stopped on these two items.

Step 4: Blog and Files

The 50% scaled turkey bird 3D model is ideal for a miniature chocolate bowl or bottles.

The original scaled turkey bird 3D model can hold a pint of beer or a small bottle of wine.

130% scaled can hold a full-sized wine bottle.

The model with bonus STL objects available on Cults3D for $2.



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