Vanilla Infused Honey

Introduction: Vanilla Infused Honey

There is so much you can do with honey and with vanilla beans as I've been learning. Vanilla honey is a great addition to any drink or dish, it's subtle and light but still clearly vanilla and honey. This is another great idea that I'll be repeating around the holidays for gifts.

Step 1: BoM

This is small batch so I did 1 vanilla bean per 8 oz of honey. Increase or decrease the amount of vanilla bean based on your preferences. Also keep in mind that the longer the honey sits, the more intense the flavor.

Honey (local honey is always best)

Vanilla beans (1 bean equals approximately 3 tsps)

Airtight container

Step 2: Vanilla Bean

Carefully slice the vanilla bean lengthwise and then scoop out the insides. Mix into your honey. You can also put the bean itself into the honey.

Step 3: Infuse

Put the vanilla bean insides (and the pod if you want) into the honey and mix well. Cover honey with an airtight container and set in a dark, cool place. Allow 1-2 weeks for maximum infusion. This honey should stay good for several months, but likely won't last as long as regular honey.

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